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Residents' Interests

The UC Irvine School of Medicine's Department of Emergency Medicine attracts the best and brightest residents from around the world.

Learn more about our residents in their own words:

Class of 2017 »

UC Irvine Emergency Medicine residents, Class of 2017

Class of 2017 (left to right)

Bryson Hicks, MD
University of Southern California
Interests: Hiking, climbing, camping, snowboarding, BBQs with friends, traveling, learning to surf and play guitar, football and country music

Samantha Costantini, MD
University of California Irvine
Interests: Running, traveling, photography, anything outdoors, cooking and baking, spending time with my family and friends

Kelly Kesler, MD
University of California, Irvine
Interests: Basketball, football, eating, reading, traveling, sunny SoCal weather, spending time with family/friends

Benjamin Feldman, MD
University of South Florida
Interests: Soccer, exercise and sport science, watching "Scrubs" and pretending that is what residency is like, racquetball, ice cream — mocha almond fudge, specifically — oh, and world peace

Roman Navarro, MD
University of California, San Diego
Interests: Running, playing guitar, computers, customizing my son’s toys, enjoying time with my wife and son, trying new fine beers

Joelle Schlang, MD
University of California, Irvine
Interests:  Traveling, beach, snorkeling, hiking, fluffy animals and within EM, ultrasound

Joseph Villarreal, MD
University of California, San Diego
Interests: Cats, junk food, basketball, football, tennis, tacos, running, economics, and motorcycles

Samer Assaf, MD
University of Southern California
Interests: Soccer, weight lifting, surfing, snowboarding, the beach, traveling, eating, and spending time with my family

Class of 2018 »

Class of 2018

Class of 2018 (left to right)

Vy Han, MD
SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine
Interests: Cars, Competitive motorsports, mountain/road biking, basketball, food, family, friends

John Patane, MD
UC Irvine
Interests: basketball, football, baseball, running, snowboarding, going to the beach, and watching my daughter destroy all things within her tiny reach. 

Robert Rowe, MD
UC Irvine school of medicine
Interests: Camping, cocktails, breakfast, amateur landscaping, turning my children into ninjas, dog training, hot tubs.

Jon Pena, MD
David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles
Interests: Snowboarding, weight lifting, cooking, craft beer brewing, golfing, basketball, eating, impulse buying, cars

Siri Shastry, MD
Mount Sinai 
Interests: Traveling, food, binge-watching TV, reading, beer tasting, spending time with my husband 

Kevin Koenig, MD
Medical college of Wisconsin
Interests: Playing sports, watching sports, UCLA sports. Outdoor stuff. Beaches. Mountains. Costco. Cat videos. Packers. Broncos. And Froyo

Jessica Hoffmann, MD
Creighton School of Medicine
Interests: Watching and playing most sports, traveling, spending time with my family & friends. 

Reid Honda, MD
University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine
Interests: Surfing, photography, drumming, painting

Class of 2019 »

class of 2019

Alaina Brinley, MD
University of Texas
Interests: Running, backpacking, adventures of all types, travel, SCUBA diving, airplane-flying, snacks, and beverages. And space is cool too [says a former NASA scientist]

Tanya Dall, MD
Georgetown University
Interests: Playing at the beach with my husband and daughter, cooking/eating/drinking fine wine, sleeping, traveling with family, reality TV, froyo

Ethan Kunstadt, MD
University of Alabama
Interests: The great outdoors, surfing, cooking, live music, playing drums, photography, ethnic food exploration, staying active

Sari Lahham, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Interests: Learning new languages, lover of dogs, hater of cats, guacamole enthusiast, fast cars, hiking, beach, Los Angeles Lakers, San Diego Chargers, gadgets and technology, business, all things So Cal

Lindsey Spiegelman, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Interests: playing volleyball, going to the beach, skiing, hiking, cooking, trying new work out classes, and spending time with my family and friends.

Lauren Sylwanowicz, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Interests: Yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, basketball, traveling, exploring Long Beach, doing anything at the beach, watching college football and playoff hockey, boating/Catalina, having fun with friends and family

Daryn Towle, MD
Georgetown University
Interests: Running, traveling, skiing, cooking, wine tasting, and spending time with family and friends

Justin Yanuck, MD
UC Irvine School of Medicine
Interests: Trail running, surfing, climbing, skiing, NPR, binge watching tv, hanging with the family

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