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Residency Program Alumni

2018 »

Class of 2018

Class of 2018 (left to right)

Jon Pena, MD
David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles
Interests: Snowboarding, weight lifting, cooking, craft beer brewing, golfing, basketball, eating, impulse buying, cars

John Patane, MD
UC Irvine
Interests: basketball, football, baseball, running, snowboarding, going to the beach, and watching my daughter destroy all things within her tiny reach. 

Robert Rowe, MD
UC Irvine school of medicine
Interests: Camping, cocktails, breakfast, amateur landscaping, turning my children into ninjas, dog training, hot tubs.

Jessica Hoffmann, MD
Creighton School of Medicine
Interests: Watching and playing most sports, traveling, spending time with my family & friends. 

Vy Han, MD
SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine
Interests: Cars, Competitive motorsports, mountain/road biking, basketball, food, family, friends

Kevin Koenig, MD
Medical college of Wisconsin
Interests: Playing sports, watching sports, UCLA sports. Outdoor stuff. Beaches. Mountains. Costco. Cat videos. Packers. Broncos. And Froyo

Siri Shastry, MD
Mount Sinai 
Interests: Traveling, food, binge-watching TV, reading, beer tasting, spending time with my husband 

Reid Honda, MD
University of Hawaii John A Burns School of Medicine
Interests: Surfing, photography, drumming, painting

2017 »

UC Irvine Emergency Medicine residents, Class of 2017

Class of 2017 (left to right)

Bryson Hicks, MD
Samantha Costantini, MD
Kelly Kesler, MD
Benjamin Feldman, MD
Roman Navarro, MD
Joelle Schlang, MD
Joseph Villarreal, MD
Samer Assaf, MD

2016 »

UC Irvine Emergency Medicine residents, Class of 2016

Class of 2016 (left to right)

Kiah Connolly, MD
Kimberly Sokol, MD
Wynne Breed, MD
Cassondra Majestic, MD
Jason Mefford, MD
Candace Gutierrez, MD
Lori Ludeman, MD

2015 »
UC Irvine Emergency Medicine residents, Class of 2015

Class of 2015 (left to right)

Ahmed Elrefaie, MD
Maxwell Jen, MD
Alisa Wray, MD
Erica Frumin, MD
Kenneth Kim, MD
Juan Rendon, MD

2014 »

Class of 2014

Class of 2014 (left to right)

Rod Mortazavi, MD
Matthew Weber, MD
J. Lee Puckett, MD
Shannon Toohey, MD
Karin Reed, MD
Shaheena Patierno, MD

2013 »

Class of 2013

Class of 2013 (left to right)

Weston Seipp, MD
Randy Woo, MD
Sharis Simonian, MD
Deena Ibrahim, MD
Pamela Swan, MD
Austin Kinney, MD

2012 »
Class of 2012

Class of 2012
(left to right)

Christian Maloschik, MD
Eric Mervis, MD
Tyler Reynard, MD
Patrick Popa, MD
Arthur Youssefian, MD
Yalda Rezaimehr, MD

2011 »
Class of 2011

Class of 2011 (left to right)

Samuel Cooper, MD
James Howard, MD
Michael Habicht, MD
Sharon Lee, MD
Montessa Tenny, MD
Rashmi Sreenivas, MD

2010 »
Class of 2010

Class of 2010
(left to right)

Alexis Lieser, MD
Jay Patel, MD
Sehra Sampson, MD
Megan Boysen, MD
Daniel Thompson, MD
Anita Vishwanath, MD 

2009 »
Class of 2009

Class of 2009
(left to right)

Christoph Wichelhaus, MD
Lyunduh Soldavini, MD
Omar Amr, MD
Michael Mirhadi, MD
Warren Wiechmann, MD, MBA
Christopher Wall, MD

2008 »
Class of 2008

Class of 2008
(left to right)

Eric Hegedus, MD
Adrian Miranda, MD
Douglas Brosnan, MD
Ali Ghobadi, MD
Tom Grotsky, MD
Christopher Eric McCoy, MD

2007 »
Class of 2007

Class of 2007
(left to right)

Laleh Gharahbaghian, MD
Brian Potts, MD, MBA
Virginia Tsai, MD
Rocky Benoit, MD
Nak Chhiv, MD
Zareth Irwin, MD

2006 »
Class of 2006

Class of 2006
(left to right)

Matt Solley, MD
Michelle Quinn, MD
Michael Waters, MD
Lynn Lulloff, MD
Kevin Dean, MD
Jeffrey Henderson, MD

2005 »
Class of 2005

Class of 2005
(left to right)

Travis Henson, MD
Anar Patel, MD
Matthew Janssen, MD
Julie Seo, MD
Christopher Kahn, MD
William Scruggs, MD

2004 »
Class of 2004

Class of 2004
(left to right)

Boris Lubavin, MD
Robert Erickson, MD
Matthew Hunt, MD
Jason Fischer, MD
Stephen Anderson, MD
Scott Wang, MD

2003 »
Class of 2003

Class of 2003
(left to right)

Douglas Williamson, MD, PhD
Todd Newton, MD
Alex Zlidenny, MD
Thomas Calkins, MD
Dirk DeHaas, MD
Gary Schoeman, MD

2002 »
Class of 2002

Class of 2002
(left to right)

Jennifer Steinfeldt, MD
Hubert Wong, MD
Ivan Wu, MD
Brian Bearie, MD
Eleni Pentheroudakis, MD
Tony Matthews, MD

2001 »
Class of 2001

Class of 2001
(left to right)

Kerilee Wenker, MD
Troy Falck, MD
Raynard Sebastian, MD
Scott Rudkin, MD
Delaram Ghadishah, MD
Kevin Kelly, MD

2000 »
Class of 2000

Class of 2000
(left to right)

Greg Bush, MD
Monique Devoe, MD
Worth Everett, MD
Amy Peng, MD
Peter Springer, MD
Chris Fox, MD

1999 »
Class of 1999

Class of 1999
(left to right)

Enoch Huang, MD, MPH
Tomiko Nguyen-Trung, MD
Robin Roberts, MD
Wendy Conger, MD
Clarke Lew, MD

1998 »
Class of 1998

Class of 1998
(left to right)

Matthew Kaplan, MD
Barbara Blasko, MD
James Truong, MD
Erik Thurnher, MD
Anupama Singh MD, MS
Lynnus Peng, MD

1997 »
Class of 1997

Class of 1997
(left to right)

Bret Ginther, MD
Richard Taraska, MD
Susan Munden, MD
Peter Grimes, MD
Christian Salleroli, MD
Gene Chan, MD

1996 »
Class of 1996

Class of 1996
(left to right)

Ignacio Zarate, MD
Daniel Starr, MD
Mark Bell, MD
Jennifer Mason, MD
Brian Maltby, MD, MA
Loretta Samaniego, MD, MPH

1995 »
Class of 1995

Class of 1995
(left to right)

John Bodnar, MD
Clay Cormier, MD
Kris Koh, MD
Jay Pennock, MD
Federico Vaca, MD
Ray Jacobson, MD, MPH

1994 »
Class of 1994

Class of 1994
(left to right)

Mike Ritter, MD
Eric Miller, MD
Rick Kozak, MD
John Myers, MD
Jeff Hughs, MD
Clark Paddock, MD, MS

1993 »
Class of 1993

Class of 1993
(left to right)

Pat Brunett, MD
Jim Bryan, MD, PhD
Andrea Brault-Fueling, MD
Lisa Josephson, MD
Hansel Ashby, MD, MS
Ken Miller, MD, PhD

1992 »
Class of 1992

Class of 1992
(left to right)

Ronn Berrol, MD
Laurel Hodgson, MD
Chris Juels, MD
Cassandra Stroud, MD
Gary Chavez, MD
Mustafa Suleiman, MD