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Course: 699L Departmental Research in Emergency Medicine

Elective director: Bharath Chakravarthy, MD MPH

Scheduling coordinator: If you need a mentor or a research project contact Dr. Chakravarthy.

Site coordinator: Jamie Plichta. 714-456-7581

Periods available: Throughout the year

Duration: Variable depending on the research project

Prerequisites: Permission of course director and the faculty mentor. Prerequisites for UC Irvine students is 3rd-year standing and 4th-year standing for all extramural students.

Course objectives: The objective is to provide a guided research experience in the Department of Emergency Medicine. The student will learn how to submit an IRB proposal, to acquire an appreciation for the value of a well-developed research project, to critically appraise the medical literature, to do a comprehensive literature search and to develop a project to a final goal of abstract acceptance and manuscript publication.

Course description: Provides an opportunity for medical students to participate in the research program in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Individual faculty members will sponsor and supervise research projects jointly developed by the individual students and the faculty member. Credit and duration of each project will be variable, based upon the amount of time the student wishes to devote to the project. 

Evaluation methodology: Continuous guidance and feedback will be given throughout the rotation from the faculty advisor. students will receive more extensive feedback from their faculty advisor during the course and will receive an end of rotation evaluation.

Suggested readings: A complete list for the suggested readings will be provided at the time of the rotation.