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Grading policies

Your grade is a reflection of your performance in the following areas:

Assigned shifts: Satisfactory completion of shifts is required to pass the rotation and prompt attendance is required. There is a sign sheet for you to record your shifts. An attending or R3 needs to sign it when you arrive, and initial it when they give you feedback on how you are doing. This form must be turned in to Jessica after the completion of your rotation in the ED. This is required to pass the rotation.

Shift evaluation: You will work very closely with the R3 in the main ED and the attending in ED3. If you work with an R3 more than one time, it might not be necessary to have them re-evaluate you. You need to have at least 1 attending evaluation and 2 R3 or R2 evaluations by the end of the rotation. These are rather in depth. Give your reviewer as much notice as possible prior to asking them, even if you are unsure.
Throughout your rotation, provide the names and dates you worked with the senior resident or attending to Jessica Holland and she will request an evaluation in New Innovations

Hand Hygiene and Fall Prevention Videos: Must view the Hand Hygiene and Fall Prevention videos available.

iTunes Summarized Pearls: Completion of assignment, if required due to cancelled conference

Google Glass Patient Encounter: Completion of the assignment is required. You will retrieve patient consent and have them sign the patient consent forms prior to beginning the Google Glass recording (where you will again verbally inform the patient that you are recording for educational purposes and retrieve their acknowledgement on video). Once recorded, you will send the video to Dr. Hoonpongsimanont and then meet with her to review.

Conference lectures & Flipped Classroom: Wednesday Conference: Please note that student lecture attendance and participation is required and will be reflected in your final grade. There is a medical student lecture after conference. You are responsible to sign-in in order to receive credit for attending conferences.

Patient log: All patient case diagnosis logging will be completed electronically in New Innovations. You need to log all 7 required cases. 100% completion of case logging, real patients or alternative method, is a requirement of the rotation. Consult with Dr. Hoonpongsimanont if you feel you may not be able to fulfill the requirements and an alternative method assignment will be given. This is required to pass the rotation. 

Patient procedure log: There are a recommended amount of procedures, but if an opportunity comes up where there is a procedure to be done we encourage you to take the initiative. These are logged on paper. This form must be turned into Jessica Holland after the completion of your rotation in the ED.

Honors grade: Honors grade will be given for superior performance (top 15%) based on clinical performance, online exam score, conference participation and a slideshow case presentation. The slideshow case presentation will require an appropriate review of the literature and must be completed before the end of the rotation and presented to R3s or attending.  The course director is available by email or in person to help you prepare for the case presentation.  All presentations must be e-mailed to the course director for credit.  

Attire: Your white coat, student ID and stethoscope are required at all times. Shirts/ties for males and slacks or skirts for females are preferred but clean scrubs under your white coat are an option.

Rotation feedback: The course director is available and encourages every student to meet with her during and immediately after the rotation to go over their progress and overall clerkship evaluation.  Please let Jessica Holland know if you are interested in such a meeting. 

End-rotation evaluation: You will be required to submit an anonymous End of Rotation Evaluation in New Innovations. Please fill out the evaluation within 2 weeks of your rotation ending. We appreciate your feedback and take it very seriously for future improvements.  You will have the opportunity of selecting the faculty and resident that contributed most to learning during your shifts on this rotation evaluation. These persons will be recognized by a plaque at the end of the year resident graduation. 

Grade breakdown: 75% of your grade reflects your clinical performance as reflected by shift evaluations; 25% reflects your attendance and participation at the weekly student conference; Grades will remain incomplete if you fail to complete/turn in all required documentation for the rotation