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During the one-year fellowship, there will be research, teaching, clinical and ultrasound requirements. The research requirement stipulates that one new IRB-approved project is underway prior to graduation and the fellows are responsible for helping with the 20+ protocols currently enrolling subjects. Teaching duties include both bedside ultrasound instruction to the residents as well as giving lectures on ultrasound throughout the year. This may be done at weekly conference, through Sonoran Ultrasound, or to the medical students rotating through the emergency ultrasound elective. Furthermore, the ultrasound program offers training to students throughout the entire four years of medical school and fellows participate in hands-on instruction at various stages in this curriculum. Approximately 50 medical students from UC Irvine and around the country perform 4th year externship rotations in point-of-care ultrasound each year providing ample hands to help facilitate clinical point-of-care ultrasound.

The clinical duties pay for the fellowship and amount to eight 10-hour shifts per month, and a salary of $80,000 for the year. Additionally, there is a $3,000 stipend which may be used for travel to conferences, or computer purchase. In order to learn the psychomotor skill of image acquisition, fellows are required to scan 1,000 patients and be present at 48 of the 52 Q&A sessions held during the year.

Dr. Fox

Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Director, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship
Director, Instructional Ultrasound